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Poster: billbarstad Date: Dec 21, 2010 6:16am
Forum: feature_films Subject: For What It's Worth

Here, Roger Ebert remembers some of his favorite lines from his movie reviews. Funny stuff!

Cory Doctorow explains why keeping an email address secret won't hide it from spambots. I haven't seen an increase of spam in my inbox since IA exposed our email addresses more than a year ago, thank you very much.

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Poster: tristero Date: Dec 21, 2010 12:55pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: For What It's Worth

Ebert says:

"I began to flash back to Trog (1970)...Trog kidnaps a small girl and crawls into a cave, and reader, although many years have passed since I saw the movie, I have never forgotten the sight of Crawford in her designer pantsuit and all the makeup, crawling on her hands and knees into the cave and calling out, "Trog! Trog!" As if Trog knew the abbreviation of its scientific name."

OK, I cannot let this stand. Yes, Crawford is crawling around a cave in pantsuit and makeup, and it *is* hilarious, but that she's calling out Trog's name is perfectly plausible within the context of the story. "Trog" is simply the name Crawford's character has taught him to respond this point in the story, Trog is really quite tame. He's even on the verge of developing speech. He would much rather be playing with dolls or wearing Crawford's pink scarf (we see him do both) than overturning cars, impaling tradespeople on meathooks, or carrying off little girls to his underground lair.

So, really, it makes perfect sense that Crawford would be calling out Trog! Trog! as she crawls around that cave in a designer pantsuit and heavy makeup...Ebert makes it sound so ridiculous!

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